Martes, Hulyo 03, 2012

me in the eyes of my friend, Dacota

let me introduce to you my friend Dacota. babae po xa mga te and this is how she describes me. :)


Aaargh..  I really don’t like writing.. I LOVE to read, but write??! If I could avoid it, I would. But in times like these, when it’s DEMANDED of me? Might as well write something. *sigh* So, here goes.

I’m such a loser. Still a ‘virgin’ (where it counts) @nearly 30 (hence, loser!). I got me my first BF at the sorry age of 28 (and s*x didn’t happen, *palms face). Although, nagka-GF ako (probably my first and last) when I was 24/25 (s*x def happened, lol). So I’m obviously not straight, yet not so lezzy either.

I’ve known bender since the early days of my youth (charut!). We’ve been classmates since freshman year in HS and schoolmates during our Uni days. We’ve kept in touch after graduation and got respectable jobs as adults (*respectable talaga bakla, hihi) but t’was just recently that we would bond over movies, yoghurt and boys. I guess it’s our common affinity for the rainbow flag that has drawn us closer (o divah ;-]). And I’m not much of a threat/competition when it comes to boys (*wink).

I always look forward to our encounters. Laughter’s a sure thing and I can just be. No pretentions necessary. I can voice out all the nitty gritty thoughts that I have (kahit nga naughty ones eh, hihi) without the fear of being judged and ridiculed (well, yung ridiculed am not so sure.. we tease each other like siblings eh, lol). Yung mga quips nya are sassy and witty and as colorful as ng character nya. And ang mga advice and ideas nya are sound and as ingenious ng individuality nya. Surprisingly though, we do have decent intellectual conversations (baklangstripes has a good head between ng SHOULDERS nya, ‘kala nyo ha..) amidst all the nonsense and b*llsh*t and ogling that we do.

And yun siguro ang reason kung bakit hanggang now, boylet free and virgin pa rin sya..All we do is OGLE at boys and talk ABOUT them.. We need to start “PROPOSITIONING” them boys, bakla and talking TO them..para naman ma-POP na yung cherry mo! (lolz) Bring your FLIRT on!, and then makakawitness na ako finally ng M/M action live! (hihi, am such a perv  ;P )

(Aaay bakla, is the revelation of your virginity a good thing or a bad thing? (>__<) Sana it’s a turnON to all the studs out there. After all, isn’t it great to be first?!). 

Anyhoo, moving on. baklangstripes has always been a poet as far as I can remember. Magaling din sya magdrawing (kaya nga siguro yung napiling profession nya ay swak na swak sa kanya). Quite an artist sya and I do admire yung mga works of art nya (written/drawn) and they never fail to entertain and impress me (libre mo ko friend ha?! ^__^). 

Too bad we don’t get to discuss much about the ART. Kasi naman, ALL we do nga is talk about and ogle at them BOYS. Everytime nakakakita ako ng cutie/yummy na boylet, si bender kaagad naaalala ko (*sighs happily). That’s how boy-centered our tête-à-têtes are. Favourite tambayan/meeting place namin is this little DD café near a Uni campus. The food is mediocre at best but the eye candies are plentiful (*lascivious grin). The mental pictures we paint would surely make you blush. 

So, in my book, it only takes a few things to get baklangstripes attention and affection. Good food, good artwork and a great VIEW (i.e., young, “hairless” este smooth, dirty-like-a-construction-worker, belly-free boys). If you know one, send him our way please. baklangstripes’ will be your bitch forever?!? (*lmfao). If you happen to be one, “SAKAY” este APPLY na! (*spoken a la megastar). baklangstripes’ will be your bitch forever!

P.S. bender is good-looking (not that I’m attracted, ‘coz eeeww!) with a dazzling smile, slim/lean frame and wears smart-looking eyeglasses. Most often than not, a smart dresser (although I’m not a fan ng checkered pants nya, so gay. Oh wait. Duh!).
abadee, abadee, That’s all Folks! (a la looney tunes)  


galing pa mismong hollywood yan ha! ang ganda lang talaga (pirated po talaga ng spelling ng neym nya). despite being so busy nakuha niya pang sumali sa challenge kahit di ko xa pinilit (oh really?), nosebleed pa! tuwing dumadalaw ako sa set niya, parati naming nililibak si bella. pinag-aagawan kasi eh di nman sobrang kagandahan. crush ko pa nman si jacob. choss.

pero pansin nyo, parang walang nega sa sinulat niya .. parang ang ganda-ganda ko lang talaga. parang binibilog lang. tayo muna kayo sandali mga beks


…inupuan niyo kasi hair kez.

since nabanggit na niya halos sa 'kin, nagdesisyon na akong magpost ng larawan ko para makita niyo na ang tunay kong itsura, bukod sa profile pic kong hot…

first time ko po itwung gagawin mga yetts at wag kayong tumawa

ako po talaga yan.

sinabi nang wag tumawa eh!

Photo Credits: (jessica stam)

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  1. Hindi-nagpakilalaLin Ago 21, 12:44:00 PM

    ohhhh...kinda know this who the heck is BELLA??? lol, i bet shes pretty ;)

  2. bella-twighlight. yun yurn biatch. she used to be pretty pero ngayon pretty pa rin naman xa, pretty boy.