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me in the eyes of my friend, Yeula

Here’s another entry from Yeula. :)
Ben = bakla. Ha?? I was kinda disappointed the time he outed himself to me. Shocked ang peg ko. Though this thing’s not new I was kind of in-denial and I can’t really describe the emotions I felt at that moment. I got lots of gay friends and they’re really rib-tickling me. Lumalapit pa lang ang mga bakla natatawa na ako. Talks could not be complete without the bursting of baklaan laughter at okrayan. I am glad to be surrounded with gay people. They always keep my spirits up and laughing. 

Before I will describe Bender 'ang beking me dugong stripes' please allow me to introduce myself first, para naman me exposure din ako dito mga bakla.. 

Call me Yeula and I was a former classmate/soulmate (haha) of Bender. I will admit I use to have a crush (slight lang po) on him. He’s cute. He was then very prim, quiet and mysterious (ewan ko lang ngayon). I am now living-in with someone and hoping na siya na talaga. Me and my current partner still don’t have a child, both our choice. I’m the type who loves to exceed the boundaries of moderation. I want life to be always big for me and I always dare myself to new experiences, I am not afraid of failing. 

Ben and I share similar interest in arts and poetry, sosyal. At first, I really thought he was my biggest competitor in the class. In the arts is his passion he can do a lot of things like paint, draw or sketch, conceptualize, create things, some craftworks, even poetry, name it. He already has proven himself with these superb talents. I have never known a guy who’s very creative and brilliant (char). Have I mentioned he can also dance? He’s got the moves but despite all these he was never mayabang sa class. Tahimik lang ang baklang yan. Sometimes I got jealous of him. 

He’s a type you’ll never think can do a lot of things. He is very ordinary looking (but very cute) and shy but you know he’s got something big under his pants sleeves. He is as meek as a caterpillar (baklang uod) but as flamboyant (bongga) as a peacock. 

I never knew he was gay then. He’s such a loner and he had his own way of using his time. At times mood swings strike like that of a real woman’s. What made me wonder though was that he’s very aloof to his male classmates. Most of our boys would bond together but him. Hmmmm, awkward? When he’s angry or mad he’ll just stay quiet. But you’ll know it when he ignores you all the way until you’ll become sorry for what you did. He gets annoyed at people whose business is minding other people’s. I just don’t get it when he would say nothing against them whenever he could, what runs through his mind I should have known.

We never got the chance to talk intimately about boys. Ben was then too shy to open up. I think it’s still awkward for him to loosen up and he’s too reserved to be whoring. Talking about boys, I remembered one time I caught him held gaze at this very yummy guy at school. I never told him about it and was slightly wondering what just happened. Hindi ko yon makakalimutan.  And I guess it all made sense now. All dots connected, confirmed! 

What I like about bender is that he never seem to care what others would say. He just do his thing and work on his passion with grace and class. People will shame themselves finding out he’s very good on carrying out his craft. Such a bright person with great humility. Now, even if he’s gay and all I still admire him. He’s a person who values friendship over any thing. And I’m proud to be one of his closest friends, alam ko kasing konti lang kami.. I love you bakla, ang ganda ganda mo na ha…let’s go out some time. Wala ka pa rin bang boy toy? well di mo yun problema, they’ll be sorry for not having you. Miss you already. Mwwahh!


hayan. palakpakan natin xa sa peg niya. ang walang hiya ginawa pa akong baklang uod. eh ikaw ano, Kuhol?! pakshett, kurutin ko nga yang singit mo eh. heniwey, mahal ko yan kahit okrayan ang show namin.
i love you rin bakla.

bayett labas tayo pag me panahon na tayo. lagi ka kasing bisi eh, yun ang palusot mo pag wala kang pera. kung hindi nman ako nman ang walang oras at walang pera. pero masaya na rin ako sa iyo friendship, inferness ha ang bongga ng bf mo bet na bet ko! anong oras ka ba umaalis ng bahay niyo at anong oras balik mo?

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