Huwebes, Pebrero 28, 2013


our excitement grew as we neared the date of our trip. it’s going to be an awesome one.

though our conversations would revolve around barely anything but the trip, it has never become a stale topic. oh God, the TRIP! just got home from another trip and i get to travel again. it was like wow with the capital, wow.

i packed already: a couple of beach attires, a pair for  swimming and another pair for a semi-formal event, some toiletries; would have been enough but have thought of adding some more. talking about going light, guess somebody’s gonna be paying an extra penny for an excess. and oh the sunglasses, i must need a pair so i bought a cheap just-to-get-my-eyes-covered type. it’s cheaper than eating in dunkin donuts; just so you have an idea.

the sun greeted us with a sweet gentle sprinkle indicative that the day’s going to be perfect, except for my friend who almost didn’t made it to the flight for being late. thanks to the considerate attendants. everyone settled down as soon as we’re to take off. i can see the smile of my company’s faces that bare for sure how excited they’ve also been.

morbid thoughts came again as soon as we’re airborne. the morbidity of engine failure that eventually would lead to our plane crash. and we all can’t do anything but yell our lives aloud inside a rapidly-descending aircraft plunging its way towards the vast deep blue of the sea. and ever will we be recovered. hence by then our parents would grieve for their losses..


but merely the thoughts.

our hair tousled with the unwelcoming rush of the ocean breeze. what a very fine day, warm and clear; and the beach is as expected—extraordinarily wonderful. we were so excited taking souvenirs our cameras could take from the spectacular view and our memories could only recall. for as long as we live we'll remember it was real fun. a time of our lives.

i feel so blessed with this  privilege; sometimes it comes naturally to me. this is one beautiful experience i will be grateful of: a realization that just dawned at the moment. God really is marvelous and everything that he did, made, and does is beautiful.

and then there’s this captivating moment when we just drift in time, thoughts to somewhere flowing along where the wind will carry streaming through the course of the day. where we only feel and not care about everything around. the moment and the splendor of the scene just unfailingly took our breaths away.

but there’s always a commencement, that no matter how wonderful a place and no matter how we so wanted to forever live the moment home still holds a special place in our hearts that’s way beyond comparable.

after all the streak of joy, bliss; the leisure and fun; the very interesting people that we’ve met; sun hanging low and days running out; from the hostility of a short-lived jam-packed days of underrated  fun, always we would need an abode to settle our aching bodies down. 

always there would be an ending

and always we would need to return home.

Martes, Pebrero 05, 2013

xa na!


oo xa nga!

i met him the other night nung nanood ako ng movie. napaka gwapo niya mga beks!!
kinilig daw ako bigla...shett talaga.

nilapitan niya ako, "it's cold in here, are you with someone?"

huh, totoo ba itwu?

"uhm, oh..uhm, nope im alone".

"so i can sit beside you then" shett, may british accent beks, hungsexy!

"sure". shett bakla dudugo ang ilong ko nito pero keri. at crush ko na xa as in. in-lab na talaga ang peg ng bakla.

"isn't it more fun to watch a movie with someone, ayt? i mean, a movie is more like, an interaction..well, at least for me"

ano ka ba, kung ikaw ang kasama ko sobra pa sa fun ang mararamdaman ko, maglulundag ako sa tuwa!
pwede tayo na? titili na ba ako sa kilig?

"uhm, yah of course. but my movie buddy can't come so u know, alone..*winks", sobra na toh, nagba-blush na talaga ako!

“by the way i’m fred” bigla niyang kinuha kamay ko

“ben”, at nginig pa akong nakipag-holding hands shake hands sa npaka-gwapong si Fred.

"oh, so you two are. . .u know?" sabay titig na me nakapambibighaning ngiti. ughh shett, ang ganda ng lips at ngipin. at ang mata niya, hindi ko xa matitigan. nag-blush uli ako sa tanong niya.

"NOPE. i mean no we’re not..a couple. im as single as i am now..*smiles" sagipin mo na kasi ako para bumongga nman valentine's day ko pleeease.

he went silent for a while. nawala xa sandali sa attention ko marahil climax na rin ng movie na pinunood. minsan pag gumagalaw xa, sumasagi ang braso niya sa kaliwang balikat at braso ko. ang sexy niya talaga. kahit nakaside view xa pansin ko pa rin. hindi ko xa magawang lingunin at titigan kasi baka weird yon. pero paminsan-minsan xang tumitingin sa direksyon ko. kinikilig na talaga ako, feeling ko naiihi na ako pero ayoko pang lumabas at iwanan xa. savor the moment na itwu mga beki.

"are you okay? is there sumthing wrong? " ay! concern xa!! ako na talaga!

"ha? uhm, no..i mean, yes...i'm all right" ano b’ang nangyayari sa akin, parang wala ako sa sarili kez..hindi ko makontrol ang galaw at pagsasalita ko.

"would you like to have food, or a drink?", manlilibre ka? sure ka, as in now na? iti-treat mo 'ko at magde-date tayo?

"i'm okay.. thanks" oops. ba't yon ang sinagot ko? hindi ako okay. hindi yun dapat ang sinabi ko. dapat nagpacute pa ako. at hindi ako okay kasi ihing-ihi na ako talaga!

"are you cold?" ay shett! ito na..ito na talaga hinihintay kong tanong! pag sasabihin ko bang yes, iha-hug mo ‘ko?


yes i'm cold, and you are sizzling hot. will you fuck hug me? sabay bonggang-bonggang blush.

hindi xa sumagot pero matamis na nakangiti. lumingon ako sa kabilang isle kasi me nag-uusap na malakas at nagtatawanan.

"ano ba ba't ang ingay-ingay nila?", sa isip ko. biglang humawak sa balikat ko at medyo nagulat ako,

"hoy, ala-una na. time for work bro". huh?

shett. nasa opisina pala ako at sandaling naidlip pagkatapos ng lunch. nyeta hindi pa nakapaghintay at pinutol pa yung moment ko, sheeeettt!

at ganon lang natapos ang fairytale namin ni Freddie; ni hindi man lang talaga pinatapos. trabaho ulet ang peg ng froglet. back-to-reality mode. pakshett.


Photo Credits: (Freddie Stroma)