Martes, Hunyo 25, 2013

the story of a poor chicken

i’m depressed and i’ve been very emotionally unstable recently. i really can’t trace the root of my sadness but as far as i could remember it  already have caused me to deactivate my facebook, delayed my project deadlines, always came to work late, and staring at the vastness of an empty thought.
…and these all started with a chicken.
my brother got me a chicken, well, he didn’t actually gave me the chicken but the circumstance can justify that it was, in a way, had become my own if i may presume that’s the case. i didn’t really owned it i was just the surrogate mother of the chicken. i wasn’t even aware that there was a chic tied somewhere in our yard. as i went out the dining room one morning to feed the cats something just jolted, freaked out, and jumped towards nearly quaking me. and i realized that there a chicken it was—oh mom! i didn’t know we got chicken in here!
my brother would always skip its feeding sked, i would know because every time i go feeding the cats the chic would pull itself from the tie eagerly advancing instinctively trying to feed together with the felines. its feeding bowl’s  empty and clean like i saw it the last time so i would know that it wasn’t fed. from the cats, came another irritating responsibility of feeding another beast which went almost every day..
until i got close to it. and the chic got so familiar with me we became instant friends.
i already have an idea why there would be one in our yard, my niece’s 2nd birthday was nearing. we have this sort of a folkloric or tradition/superstition/custom (or whatever!) where they would kill a chicken as an offering and the blood then shall be marked on the forehead of the birthday celebrant. i am not really agreeable to this tradition because it’s fuckin’ freaky and i always freaked out as a child every time they put chicken blood on my forehead. it’s purely superstition and i personally think it’s daft and ridiculous!
every time the chic will hear my nearing footsteps the time i came to feed her she would jump out from the corner freaking out excitedly as if so happy i remembered her feeding time. the chic was by the way, a she. that was the usual scene during bender-feeding-the-chicken time. i didn’t know i would get attached to it that soon.
but then as the clich√© goes: all good things must come to an end, and the end was when my niece’s birthday came.. so we know what happened. that evening everybody in the family were enjoying the tinola but i didn’t bother getting any of it. i even hate just the smell of it! i ate everything that night but the tinola. fuck that tinola, they fuckin killed my chic and i was so angry.
bok! bok! bok! i remember her sound as she would hungrily excitedly pull herself towards me to feed on the daily morning ration of pollard or grain, but this morning was not the same because the  freak’s gone. and it made me sad knowing she somehow, made me miss our usual morning bonding.

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Miyerkules, Hunyo 19, 2013

dear diary,

please forgive me that writing all these may be crass. i don’t mean to.
i couldn't sleep last night so i got out of the bed and went to the kitchen. it was already peaceful and quiet and though not hungry i was there. i got out of the bed because it felt like something caught on my throat, and it was not phlegm. i went straight to the fridge to get some water, half-filled a glass and drank, poured another and drank some more. my throat was a bit itchy it felt like something was moving but i was not coughing it out. it was a different kind of itch. i only thought the drinking would do any better so i went back to bed.
one could do at some point in their lives the nastiest thing they could ever do. and what i did was i think so far the grossest. . .
prior to the kitchen, there was a silent gratification which was very inconvenient happening inside my bedroom. yes, you can tag me the P word after saying that but it was private and it was only me.
i had the idea long before. but when i came spurting out also the dissipation of the hanker moments after. but this time was different. it was feral and burning that can only be tamed by taking advantage of the short fiery moment. . .and there, poof!!
then took a portion of myself.
i know how it tastes like but i didn’t know how it'll feel inside when it’s there (it was heavy and thick). it was really gross even just the idea of it is sickening! but that was the experience i could only mutter.  am not yet sure i could promise not to do it again, either with anyone or alone. i am yet to have the real one, if there would have been it didn’t count.  but who could know when exactly the real thing be? i mean, who knows?
i was flooded with guilt and disgust, sure be the thing should anyone feel after the feat right? and that’s the reason i wasn’t able to sleep well up until the morning. God, i’m insane what was i doing?!

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Huwebes, Hunyo 13, 2013

what are the advantages of being Gay?

though i can't really consider myself flamboyant and outright, it had never flew out of my sane head  my being gay. you see, we are nothing but as ordinary as anyone elsewe walk on the streets, ride on the bus (or ride on our boys!), we eat, pray and love and fart as everybody does. yet, as each is unique to his own we also are distinctive from everyone who  were categorizing us out. and we carry with us unique responsibilities only those in affinity with the rainbow flag can have.

so what are the advantages? let us see...i got 30.

1. gay men can sing a mariah carey & whitney houston song at a pitch without becoming so awkward.
2. you're everyone's friend, even to people others can't stand...including Krizzy.
3. a gay man can speak to a woman he loves her swimsuit and really mean, her swimsuit.
4. he can tell a woman she has lipstick on her teeth without shaming her.
5. he's the only guy who gets to do the Cosmo quizzes.
6. he is undoubtedly, his nieces' and nephews' favorite uncle.
7. he is the only one at the class reunion who looks more fabulous than he did in high school.
8. he knows that being called a "cheap slut" isn't necessarily an insult.

9. he's generous enough not to buy someone a mug for their birthday.

10. for gay men, losing their virginity is not losing anything worthwhile, it's actually gaining a sex life..!
11. he knows the way to a man's heart is not necessarily through his stomach, it could be down lower.. wink!
12. a gay man chooses the most fabulous greeting cards.
13. a gay man chooses the most fabulous friends.
14. he knows every film ever made with male frontal nudity.
15. he gets to wear women's accessories with class and ease.
16. they can be friends with women and  be really "just" friends.
17. they know more about a girl than their boyfriends.
18. definitely no chance of pregnancy, or unwanted pregnancy.

19. tighter.
20. gay men have a far more extensive repertoire of outfits and general  knowledge of clothing and fashion than the average straight man.
21. men in general are a hell of a lot more open to sex without commitment. add to that the forwardness and focus guys put into the hunt and one have way more opportunity for said promiscuity. if only straight guys had that with women..sigh
22. he doesn't get to marry and have less stuff to worry about kids, mortgages and, the school principal.

23. party and lots of sex. (okay, this isn't true in my case? LOL :D)
24. a gay man can easily spot another gay man.
25. gays got the best of both worlds in having a mental trait of a woman & a man which means, they got better understanding towards things concerning both sexes. (ok, a bit egotistical!)
26. they always got an opinion and don't mind sharing it. generally they have a congenial character and take insults better than straight men.

27. God makes no mistake, definitely not a work of the devil!
28. they are generally very creative and can gain a lot of wealth with their imagination.
28. most of them are hardworking and are successful in their careers.
29. priests hate them.. oh god, priests!!!

29. men would always think you're a walking atm.
29. you are one in affinity with the popular rainbow flag.
30. only a guy knows how a real blowjob feels.

did i say i'd only have thirty? sorry my math is poor :D

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Huwebes, Hunyo 06, 2013


one thing that makes a man sexier & 'manlier' (well, at least for me) are tatoos. tatoosmay be a weird thing to perv on but don't be too hasty to judge me mga beks, wag masyadong masungit at judgmental teh,  you might change mind after seeing all these droolers.

so won't let you wait long,  alam kong atatched na atatched na kayo, go ahead scroll that button down and after, tell me yer thoughts. *wink

"i've got lots, wanna check out some more?

"...if this isn't sexy enough"

"are you sure this is a good idea?"

"i know you're dying to see this"

" anyone wants to go for a 'ride'?"

oh beckham, i always want to play with you!

"come here...."

so what you think?

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Miyerkules, Hunyo 05, 2013

15 helpful tips on how to remain poor

1. Stop educating yourself even when you’re already out of school. Being an educated individual sucks and it’s only for people who want to become nerds.

2. Don’t make much of your time. We’ve always heard the clich√© time is gold, well, do not believe it!  Time is only gold when you’re the CEO of Microsoft.

3. Money is the root of all evil, so never amass it on your assets. You’re a good person and you’ll never do something that could lead you to burning in hell.

4. You  only get to live once and in your lifetime seldom you’ll have chances of earning more than you could imagine, so never be afraid to spend. That’s what life is all about and cash register is where money should be.

5. Maintain your wellness, sleep a lot.

6. Do not obey laws, and never get caught by authorities. Remember, good citizens lead a very boring life and much of their earnings go to their taxes, which you wouldn’t want.

7. Buy the latest gadgets. You wouldn’t want to be left out don’t you? Gadgets are like outfits, it’s seasonal. So grab ‘em while you can have ‘em.

8. Choose rich friends so in times of need you can borrow money from them. Wealthy friends don’t expect payback but you’re a kind lad who’ll borrow again from another friend to clear your debts.

9. Who says poor people are cheap? Buy the trendiest clothes and make sure you’re getting the popular names. It’ll surely boost your confidence knowing you’re wearing a more expensive brand than your hated neighbor.

10. Don’t ever think of saving. Saving is a stupid thing and only kids do that with their China-made piggy banks! You are not a kid and you don’t want to look stupid by saving from your meager income, don’t you?

11. Treat yourself everyday: shop, dine, & unwind. Being sympathetic and sensitive to oneself is a proof you’re taking good care of your lazy ass. You’re just being responsive to your burning needs.

12. You are privileged to be living in a free country so make most out of it—complain a lot! Complain about everything except your attitude. Make sure the government holds responsible for your being poor. Criticize the system & never stop condemning those who work hard to become richer everyday than you.

13. It’s okay to be a slack at work. I mean, who would notice the game you’re playing? Relax. Nobody’s telling you to hurry some more. And besides, you’ll get the same pay as those who are working religiously anyway.

14. Prove that you’re a loving, devoted, & affectionate parent who will do everything for their children. Give them everything they ask. In that way you are teaching them to be lazy and they will grow up a scant much the same as you.

15. Get as many credit cards as you can. This will help you reinforce your spending ‘priorities’ especially that you are always out of cash. And hey, having them will surely put you on top of the list for being trendy!

Bonus tip: 16. Do not pay your bills. Amass them in your drawer and feel the thrill of how far it could go!

“Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry all easy; and he that riseth late must trot all day, and shall scarce overtake his business at night; while laziness travels so slowly, that poverty soon overtakes him.”Benjamin Franklin