Huwebes, Hunyo 06, 2013


one thing that makes a man sexier & 'manlier' (well, at least for me) are tatoos. tatoosmay be a weird thing to perv on but don't be too hasty to judge me mga beks, wag masyadong masungit at judgmental teh,  you might change mind after seeing all these droolers.

so won't let you wait long,  alam kong atatched na atatched na kayo, go ahead scroll that button down and after, tell me yer thoughts. *wink

"i've got lots, wanna check out some more?

"...if this isn't sexy enough"

"are you sure this is a good idea?"

"i know you're dying to see this"

" anyone wants to go for a 'ride'?"

oh beckham, i always want to play with you!

"come here...."

so what you think?

Photo Credits:
                     emporio armani,

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