Sabado, Agosto 24, 2013

all the single 'bekis'

flowers. though we’d sure be delighted receiving a bouquet from a person we romantically considered special,  it pains us knowing we’ve (or, i've) never for the past twenty (ughh!) or so years had any, even a stalk of rose which we can only wish.

for those who share same sentiments with me we’re one on this.

it’s seven pee-emm in this usual hang-out. you see, i’ve never felt so alone before or if i ever did i always had something to cover it up at least. so shall i be contemplating again on finding a partner when oddly enough i can’t yet picture being with someone? or maybe tonight, or the next days? well i guess just have to be sipping latte by myself for now.

i could have opted for someone in the past if i did have the strength of will or was hasty then. but sometimes—conceit aside—i find myself getting excited at a promise of affection & companionship i didn’t want too soon. all I know is that it’s just around waiting for my picking. perhaps i was ruminating too much on a hope that has yet to come about, and we know what happens when one  gets too excited at nothing.

diligence or even tenacity comes with a sweeter price they say . or it’s like sipping latte for instance, you don’t stir it well all the good stuff will settle at the bottom. i remember this character in a movie i watched with two of my dearest friends which i would never not agree, that said: Danger is very real. But Fear is a choice. true enough. but aren’t we suppose to be confounded sometimes, i mean, with reluctance?

no matter what the circumstances are i still have continually refused to live my life as others do, and that should not preclude a coveted outcome. but why choose oblivion? i hope i did not mope on that or something.. i went out the café with an insightful thought, something which is as fluid, as changing and open-ended. i hope i could put it more nicely:

Destiny may not be "that" preordained, never "that" fixed, something we shouldn’t be worrying about. It is forever passing through every second, ever shifting and flowing depending on the paths we follow and the choices we make; all we need to do is keep an unlocked heart & mind and as much fortitude. Much so that along the way unexpectedly when we stumble on our own luck, it’s something that we have long waited, worked for, and yearned.

i do really hope that for those i had opted out, there’ll come one day a more worthy lot for real with more than just the flowers! for now we’ll just patch this part of us that that keeps perforating itself, it shall make sense in time.

meanwhile as toddling along that road, i guess perhaps we‘ll just buy for ourselves the pleasant experience of having the last flowers of the evening. for sure tomorrow we know we’ll be better off again.

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Miyerkules, Agosto 14, 2013

eye candy

ever wondered how men get themselves dirty yet still look so delectable? we'll, i think that's just how they are.!

in this another pervy and dirty post it'll kind of illuminate you what i'm heckling about them dirty men. i even can imagine that raw manly scent i could get off right now, but not too soon. we still have to enjoy and mouthwater with these. so here's for august, don't dare miss any of the photos! 


okay i must admit, i got wet along the way. and that last one's enticing!

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