Lunes, Nobyembre 11, 2013

never late

i already have told you this but saying it again anyway: i have stopped doing facebook.. and stopped mean deactivating (temporarily) my account last july 15, exactly a year to that unforgettable incident.. errr. but the date has really no relevance, i didn’t even know. pero why bakla, buhkett? apparently, it has been boring and thought the information im getting from every friend update's adding up a pile of stress on me (napaka-haffected ko nomon). nakakastress lang ang mga bali-balita it came to the point i got fed up. not to mention the parade of selfies that are so nakaka-hellerr?.. hanubei, gandang-ganda lang ba talaga sa mga sarili te? koko-inggit nomon! choss. excuse to those whoever this points a finger at but i get annoyed with selfies. i'm getting to think that these soc networking sites are becoming an avenue to spur narcissism among us but shrinking the substance. it made me remember this friend who was pushing me to visit her albums & Like her fotos. kafaal ng feyz! hanu ako fan, utusan ba? of course i did no stupid. but more are drawn only to their fishbowl of Likes and Comments that are very side supporting, or should i say, just for the sake of. not to generalize but, hey people..

call me a nerd (Nerd!), or a loser (Loser!), or gay (fuck!) but i really felt that i don’t belong there anymore. my good friends too are hardly ever be regular so what’s the point? i once told Dacota and another friend about this tirade and they also shared their varying thoughts.i have this notion that online friendships are no different than shitty quasi friendships; lacks depth and sincerity. there are exceptions of course. but if that is too presupposing then i don’t care, that’s how i felt and i trusted my intuition better than my seatmate. but who knows, i may get to be back sooner, say a year after?, when everything’s sorted out at least.. (as if everyone cares too!).

but life gets better even without facebook. am as to this point enjoying another site which i think is more motivating than scrolling down on selfies

yaz galfriends i’m on PR. and this site made me think i had been spending too much of my spare time clicking Likes and missed on this. so far it’s been quite interesting. this i suppose is what i’ve been looking for: an opening to date local men! i already have met three and more to come. isn't that exciting? 

just wondering though, because i put on my profile data ‘Gay’ but almost everyone there is ‘Bisexual’ even those power bottom sissies… bisexual? really? 

yes, i think they’re kidding me. LOL

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  1. Same here. Parehas tayo ng sentiments! I deactivated my FB too, just last month. I got fed up with the feeds I was getting. From family, friends, and people I don't personally know... For now, wala pa akong plans to reactivate it. Kakatamad din naman kasi...

    I'm done with PR though. Never going back again to that wretched site full of hypocrites. LOL! May galit lang? :P

    Mga Tugon
    1. galit na galit? :D

      dito sa 'min, meron pa rin namang mga matitinong makakausap sa pr. me mga kaibigan na nga ako at regular chatmates. . .pero dun lang muna yon, di kasi ako maswerte pagdating dyan eh, at ayaw ko namang madaliin ang mga bagay kung me patutunguhan man. meron nga sex agad gusto, agad agad? di ba pwedeng meet meet muna? LOL

      behave muna kasi ang beki ngayon eh.
      salamat nga pala sa pagdalaw sa blogelyang etwu. sana tuloy tuloy na. *hugs* oo, close na tayo. :D

  2. But PR has changed so much over the years :( There is a growing number of fakes & I hope the community improves when I get back on PR before Christmas to find some christmas love :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. i really cant tell bec am still new to the community. i've met fakes and posers in the site pero di ri naman kasi ako nakikipag-meet agad agad, natatakot rin kasi ako. but you're lucky enuf to have experienced pr in its raw years. i can only imagine the merriment & genuineness back then. :)

    2. btw, thanks for dropping by. i hope you enjoyed ur time. balik ka pag may time :)