Sabado, Mayo 17, 2014


*btw, this is my 100th blog post :)*

“Interesting!  :)”

“the profile, or the fotos? Lol
..but its nice to know I caught somebody's interest “

“Both of the profile and the fotos!
I took time reading the profile tho!
 ‘First to be the last’ is an awesome idea!”

“that's my convict'n. its the only gud thing I can promise myself :)”

“I couldnt argue with that...”

“so whats ur name”

“Seif here. How about you?”

“sief. im ben”

“Hi ben! Nice knowing you.  :)
 It would be cool to know you even more.
 A chit chat over a cup of coffee or something would do for me.
 Im discreet btw.“

that'd be great. can we plan to sked it maybe not this week, still have a lot of errands to make. can find me here almost every day though. :) “

“Yay! Will be leaving for cebu within the week.

“oh. am not sure if I can find a time this week but here's my num 091***841**"

 Do you mind if I ask for a pic?”

“well, we can trade
btw, wts ur name agen”

“seif. I agree with the trade... But since i asked first, will send mine after yours. :)”

 u know that shudn't be the case ayt <INSERTED 2 PICS>”

“What should be the case tho?
Heres mine. :P <inserted pix>”

“got bz viewing the ‘exhibits’. Lol”

“What"exhibits"? Hehe
 Well I set the rule first. Hahaha”

“ shud it be that the 1askg for a foto must show his 1st? aw. but anyway ;)”
“ur fotos. u're quite an exhibitionist. lol"
"no u didn't, m jst being generous. lol “

“Ahahaha... I was just havin fun capturing those photos.
 From where are you in the city btw?”

“apparently. lol
frm Ca**en. hw bwt u”

“Im from bukidnon. Here in cdo to finish some school stuffs then be going to cebu for the review.
 Would be glad to meet you today.”

“I see.
 u sounded like u're hectic. :)”

“I just dont sound one, I definitely am.
“When can we possibly hang out?”

well I cant promise tho, I mean, this week's sked's reali inconvenient seif”

“Too bad.

“ughhh... :]”

“If I may ask, are u manly?”

“I don't know ur definition but I have a (girl) friend who never wud have thought am gay if I havent outed myself to her"
"aren't u? “

“I get that.
 Well you will know it yourself.
 By "manly", i meant that you be acting like a straight man and effem rather.
 Im manly too tho. :) “
“and *not effem rather.”

“*grammar conscious* lol
u sounded too sharp & witty. u a law grad?
I wudnt want to be w/ a very intelligent guy. lol “

“Im not a Law grad ui. How I wish. Endyeneering ra tawon. Presh gradweyt lang.
 Thats why I wont be here in cdo for sometime kai mag review ko sa cebu next week.”

“am definitely not effeminate. thats for sure lol”
“btw, where do u usually hang-out”

“Anywhere my feet leads me...
Working out in the gym is one of my interest, I go adventures like caving, mountain climbing, trekking, wall climbing, and the likes (basta mga outdoors, ganahan kau ko), movie house, arcade, and many more.”

“ How about you?>”

 “I see, im chatting to a future engineer. :)”
 “of what field?”

“It will be very soon, im claiming that.
 “Chemical... :)”

“I also like the outdoors, I have travelled to quite some nice places already (sa pinas pa lang). tho I don't hit the gym dili pa man pud dako akong tiyan for my age. is 30 old alredi? Lol”
“i also love coffee or dinner w/ friends. I write every so often, I do blog. poetry, etc.. just to keep me diverted from lovelyf. joke. Lol”

“Wooooow.. You write! Thats veeerrrryyy cool...
 Ohh man, how I wish we could meet today or with(in) the week.”

“chemical engineering, wow. from what skul u gaduat'd frm”


“I just write but im not cool (presumptuous!) lol :D”
“ hey I really don't sound this way in-person. bisaya ra ghapon ko. unya mubo rag kalipay. :)”

“Mas txada ng mobo ug kalipay para mag sige ra tag tisngi-ay..
 Bisdak raman pud ko, mag inegles lang ginagmay. I can better express my self man gud”

“then cool.”
“..daghan lagi kog gakachat frm xu. do u meet? do u guys have a PR club there? :D”

“PR club ahhhh... Hahaha...
I only met a few from the school.
Its been a while napud nga la ko naka pr. Karon lang ko nag balik. Ikaw, pila na imong na meet dari?”

“yup, English is better sp sa net chat “
“how long uve been here if u dnt mind..
 naa nakay na-meet?”

“I first accessed this site 3 years ago na. But im not really that often here.
Yeah I already meet guys from here. Ikaw? Pila na imong na meet from here?”

“kay kung na moy pr club there muapil”

“am here ‘almost’ everyday. mao ra gyud ni ako lingaw I dnt have fb man gud, dili ko gkahalin didto k common friends & the circle is too tapered, if u knw wat I mean..”
“7 na akong na-meet, 2 of whch tga xu ghapon, engg. and u wont know their names..hehe”
“all meet ups no sex involved. im sticking on to my conviction...but I dnt knw 4 how long. strong ang temptation. haha :D”

“Strong it is. Its been a long time since I had my last hook up tho.”

“mao gyud. if Ive been weak I wud have had sex with all of them...k gapanghanggat gyud.”
“ now im learning. btw, mag-1yr pako diri.”
“how many bfs did u have if u dnt mind. am always curious about this matter to whoever I chatted w/:) “

“hmm, I had 6. Looking for someone who would last long. Who would last for good.
Someone mature.
Someone like you (just being blunt tho, :3)”

“6 is alredi a gud num. how 'lucky' of u. lol”
“la pako kauyab, so I wud never know whats like being in a rel..for now I just love the idea nga nay uyab. my, I forgot im 30! Lol”

“6 for bf, wa pai labot gf. hehe
Its about time Ben!
I want to be straight forward, I find you interesting. Really!
Do we stand a chance?”


“I cant say it sooner. I wud need more time for that, more chats, more meet-ups, more dates... thats how I am, a bit slower in pace when it comes to things like that, ayaw ko rin ng nagmamadali. pls don't ever think 'nagmamaganda' ako, kay wala gyud. I just wanna enjoy every moment a step at a time & see what's gonna happen & see where it leads to.”
“but I haven't yet met someone as interestg as u. I just don't know how I wud call this experience. :)”

“..but we shud definitely hang-out before u leave.
wud that be fair :) “

“Hahahahaha... Im so amazed! This is an answer i would love to get and glad that i did.
Its not that im testing you, but I wanted to know how would you react if I ask such here and then even without us meeting yet. Was making sure you would be consistent with what your profile says.
But really, you have gotten my interest. Would really be glad to know you in a deeper level.
I wonder how our conversation would go if we go deep and even talk about life. Yay!”
“I would love that to happen. “
Nice ka one!
When can we possibly hang out?”

“of course. u wudnt want to be caught up with anxiety & inconvenience ayt?, sp sa review time nimo.
& besides, I don't think maka-uyab na ko anytime soon. Lol”
“how long's the review btw :D”

“Ohh my.. Weekend. Whew. Saturday nalang cguro ko sa gabie mag byahe to cebu.”
“its effin 6 months... >_<
whew... anyways, we can talk over the phone right. Storya2x, kamustahay, things like those.”

“Yes! Ayaw sa gyud ug uyab2x. Ayaw pag dali, please.. Hahahaha”

“ LOL. joker kai ka. dugay pa lagi ko mk.uyab :D”

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