Martes, Setyembre 30, 2014


oo, approved

approved na ang visa ko!

thank you po talaga! thank you thank you!


lee min ho, humanda ka sa'kin!

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Martes, Setyembre 09, 2014

fu#k me

i have been contemplating about making the first move towards my neighbor crush. i think it’s time, i just had my birthday last month. i'm old. you remember him right? i rarely see him everyday these past weeks and his absence makes me think of him more. may tama na talaga ako sa kanya. tsk! well, i've been single and very much available (for him).

was on my way to the office when suddenly from afar i saw a guy with a very familiar type-b nautical uniform coming. oh my! shett, this is it.. my heart suddenly jumps out & was hell pounding. i knew it was him. i thought i was ready for my "move" when in a blink of an eye we walked past each other.


f*ck! what just happened? i thought i have been practicing this? was i walking too fast and i didn’t even pause for the magical "hey, we've been around as neighbors & yet haven’t gotten ur name.." “btw, i’m ben and that uniform looks good on you. can i have your name again?”. my god, forgive me for being such a jerk!

then just like that everything was ruined. i hadn't done anything good lately and this adds to the frustration. a disappointing morning and day ahead. talking about being lame! i really can't forgive myself  for being so lame. damn, i blow another chance. and what is it for me to do the next time?. . .i don't know. i don't even know if there would be another next time. i so want to punish myself now. damn me.

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Lunes, Setyembre 08, 2014

niloko niyo ako, mga hayup!

masdan niyo ang larawang ito

ehehehe.. wala, gusto ko lang siyang i-share.

ang bisi ni ateh oh..

isa lang ang masasabi ko,

kahit bisi xa

at ngalay na ngalay na. . .

hungswerti-swerti puh rin niyuhh!!

work it, ateh!! ODB (o di ba)?_(--,