Huwebes, Disyembre 25, 2014

hey santa


                                               Hey santa, I've dreamt about you last night

                                               A bit blurry it was, but thought i loved the sight.

                                               Santa, oh santa come grant my wish tonight

                                               That golden box please, the door key's to my right.

                                             You weirdo bearded old man that they all thought

                                              But what a hottie santa last night I caught.

                                              If every Christmas you'll come into my dreamie

                                              Why won't you make each lonely night a li'l steamy.


                                              Don't you give me that kind of grin

                                              A boy can also run thoughts that are green.

                                              So what are you waiting for, pull it down

                                              You don't want to see a poor boy frown.


                                              Oh santa, i must be a very poor boy

                                              Inside that box put in some naughty toys.

                                              You are a very generous man, aren't you?

                                              I still have to, if not, collect boy toys a few.


                                              So santa don't leave fast, please linger

                                              I yearn for that little tickle from your finger.

                                              My wish, my only wish grant it if you may,

                                              We'll both stay late and get into some dirty play.