Huwebes, Marso 19, 2015


manly boys. or boyish men. which would you pick? for as long long as they're boys... or men...either or whatever. as long as they can shoot on my face. shit, oh. just by saying that makes me want to go to the shower raight away!

pardon for my inablity to post updates lately, been veerrry busy. so to keep you from getting bored (since santa is way past due!) here's some mouth-watering eyecandies for you.

"can i stay in your place tonight? i'm homeless, you see"

"i'm doing some pumping, daddy"

"sax. i know you can play better with...sax"

"..who's in it for a sweat?"

"...i know your fantasies, come here"

"oh adam...screw eve"

"it's hot. is it because i'm here?"

" juice?"

"how do you like me to do it, daddy?"

" can join us if you want to, this isn't exclusive"

"i still have room here if you want"

"we're still straight even when we do this, right?"

"how long have you been there? come, you're too far for the details"

"....been waiting here hot"

"does this pair looks good with these abs?"

"fuck this perv ant!"

okay, that last one was stupid. screw. i'm gonna head to the shower now. *grin*

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