Biyernes, Mayo 15, 2015

a dose of what?

a dose of ejaculate a day keeps the doctor away! so what will happen to the apple now? while this seems to be a joke, there are blogs that are claiming  its validity. it ‘s a quite common practice even before that partners do love to give oral and then swallow their cum. but there might actually be some benefits one could get in downing a mouthful of spunk.

research says the human semen contains natural sugars such as fructose and glucose that fuel the sperms to get through the egg. it contains lactic acid, and nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and trace amounts of vitamins B12 & C. other ingredients include calcium too, good for the firming and strengthening of the (jaw) bones. lol 

no wonder booze bars nowadays features a variety of their mixes blended with man milk. and to catch more on to the jizz-whiz trend one cookbook—Natural Harvest—included on their recipes food with human semen as ingredient. so you don’t have to gag during, u know…when you’re still not so used to it. i mean, it’s now becoming a part of our daily consumption anyway. if it weren’t.

an average volume of splooge is only about 3/4 teaspoon, but it still varies depending on a man’s age, race & diet, health, & ahemm…frequency of usage. while the semen has an ample amount of zinc, it’s not exactly as protein-packed contrary to what most people believe, considering it technically came from the—eggs.. a single jizz load only contains about 171 milligrams of protein, or about 0.3% daily value for a 2000 calorie diet. if translated into Oral terms,  that means one would still have to do a lot of laborious & jaw cracking blow jobs a day! and that’s gonna dry him up.

most of those nutrients can already be supplemented by your usual (of course healthy) diet however, except only when you really hate cooking that much or, you’re too preoccupied doing with your boyfriend instead of preparing yourselves real food to eat. nevertheless, just be sure you both are clean, healthy, and monogamous. you don’t want to put yourselves at risk of getting chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, or worse HIV.

i have to say, with my very little experience to hanky-panky, swallowing cum has been at the top of my list of to do once i’m gonna have that boyfriend i’ve always been excited about soon, given he’s a total hottie. for sure that would really make him ecstatic.

if it may look as if this is to spur a propaganda for guys to receive more headjobs, i wasn’t being paid for by anybody here. but with all these info given, as convincing as it is that a dose of (uncontaminated) ejaculate a day really keeps the doctor away, the words you ‘ve been wanting to yell after all—i suppose—were "thank" & "you"! ain’t it? :D

Source: Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia
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  1. very educational. kung totoo ito, then, let's try.

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