Martes, Hunyo 30, 2015

size matters!

Have you ever wondered that cute you-always-have –the-hots-on neighbor possesses a larger than average gift in his nether region? can only imagine taking his clothes off and discover how well endowed he is? truth to the matter is that penis size differs in race. in translation: you really cannot expect much if you’re Asian. so there is some truth to that popular notion huh? while only a few, a very selected lucky few have penises at above the average size you might as well consider your prospect partner’s race in selecting a potential mate, genetics girl. that is if you really want a size that would make you yell—Hell! and size to you means colossal.

everybody gets curious about this—especially us ladies ( included) and anyone who generally admires men. and it’s quite a challenge to look for a sexual partner that can really gratify your carnal preference—bigger that is for that matter. c’mon let’s get real here, the size of a man's penis still plays a key role in deciding how attractive we find him. but as long as it is still proportional to his body ratio in general, it is literally not just ‘as long as it’s long’ discussion here. it would be off –putting if something down there is gigantically anomalous.

Size matters. that’s the crude truth. a larger than average male powerdrill is more likely to bring women to orgasm, and women alike to drool. in a Scottish study, an average length penis was defined as being 5.8 inches (14.7 cm) long when stiff. based on my net research if you girls or dudes want a more generous manhood size as far as race is concerned, you may not try considering Asians if you don’t want to get disappointed at the end. generally, Black people hold the trophy for having pricks of 6-8 inches. 6-8 inches dude! i suddenly wanted an instant whack from a Black! and that is only average. think how far could that scale go for those exceptional few who’s above the meter. I wonder how it's like having a mammoth down there?

then i remembered these lines from Katy Perry’s song:

Don't be a shy kinda guy I'll bet it's beautiful
Come on baby let me see
Whatchu hidin' underneath

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock

Oh my God no exaggeration
Now all this time was worth the waiting
I just shed a tear
I'm so unprepared
You've got the finest architecture
End of the rainbow looking treasure
Such a sight to see
And it's all for me

here’s a general view of average penis size ranges by race:

1.     Blacks: 5.85-6.25 inches *
2.     Caucasians: 5.5-6.0 inches *
3.      Asians: 5.0-5.5 inches *

*Information derived from the Durex condom survey and other data on average penis sizes including the Master's and Johnson and Kinsey studies . Varies from other research conducted.

as much as men in Republic of Congo would celebrate for this information (on top with 7.1 inches average!), Koreans can only bow their heads down and pale at 3.8 inches. they’re actually at the bottom of the scale. that’s quite sad for Korean fanatics though. Thais are on par with Indians at 4 inches average. Pinoys on the other hand fared at 4.2 inches but it still considered among the tiniest. oh, pano ba ‘yan mga pre, eh di wow? unfair talaga ang buhay ‘lam mo na yan. wag nang masyadong magmalaki, di na rin yan masama dude! akalain niyo nalagpasan pa natin mga Thais, Indiano at mga Koreano?

that aside, while well-hung men get the girls, sex ain’t always great for them contrary to what most people think. girls will only get excited to the idea on discovering what they’re working with down there but the sexperience is actually truly painful. you may put that anywhere but definitely not in here and in here! and, there will always be awkward moments when your dude down there seems to misconstrue a sexy woman from war. so gotta think a lot of creative ideas to position it in such a way that it won’t be distracting—both to you and to the audience, talking about unwanted erections and careful wardrobe choices too.

i may say that either way—big or small or being in-between—To each his own. and I’m not actually talking about them men, but am referring to their partners’ preferences. so there you go. :D