Lunes, Oktubre 19, 2015


it began as a thought, a small out-of-nowhere spell that slowly inhabits inside. it then became an image as i go envisioning about it, how i am there any time of the day. it rung on perceptions, echoed on to the empty streets, before it became familiar.. a tone that is gradually becoming audible. is but a mental picture, seems pretty sane for all i know. and it keeps me grounded to my sanity. at some point i drifted away from my realm and chose to stay into the figment of my imagination. there is nothing but the bliss of just flowing away, the delight of its sweetness feeding me that fervent promise; welcoming with a warm welcome, embracing with a fervent embrace. i bury through the crowd but it remained on the surface. i ran under the rain but it never washes away. i engulf in its overwhelming existence but the passion keeps me embarked on the ocean of aspirations, and hopefulness keeps me dry until i reach the shore. that’s just how it is, maybe. and i am happy anyhow. this is not Love, but it is a love for something. it's seething—more ardent and aggressive. my universe is aligned along this path no matter how i strayed, deviating from my actual consciousness to the deluge of contemplations. it always feels like home when i get there. somehow, i never get tired no matter how endless it seem, and i will never outgrew it no matter how swiftly i grow older each day; my every hair turning gray but forever it is young within me. pens continue to drain, thoughts amassing and words flowing. these verses continue to play every day so are my aspirations, into my concealed feelings i can hear how each line transcends, every syllable falling out from the twigs inundated by each and every breath’s stream as i stare quietly smiling at those pleasant dreamings. that’s just how it is, maybe. this is my passion—the love for words, and i am happy anyhow. i won't be getting anything out of it but  my spirit is humming its tone, smelling its sweetness, bathing every sprinkle of pleasure and hope, its light i'm embracing. i may bury through the crowd but this ardor will remain onto the surface . i may get drenched under the rain but it never washes away.

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