Martes, Disyembre 29, 2015

EB series: Finale

rest of Part Three here.
...i compelled him to be as gentle and was glad that he complied. he would reach down on me at every moment and plant kisses at the back of my neck, and bite my ear, like a sweet reassurance that it will be fine and that i would still enjoy whatever we were doing. “just tell me if you’re hurting..”, i admired the reverence even a midst an intercourse, checking if i could still hold on to it. “just go on, i’d say when this is getting too uncomfortable”. but really, i just want him to fuck me like he had wanted to. and i'd let him have that.

* * * *

while on a dog stand, he held me firmly by the waist and adjusted his angle to a position where he could crouch down with his knees bent on a half squat. he ordered me to be steady. though his requests were appeasing, i obliged with his firm instructions like a slave following his master’s imperatives. and from there he pushed himself inwards again, moving in and out, filling and emptying me, without breaking the rhythm. i adjusted my knees and put them closer together to squeeze more on him. “ughh..” he could not muffle his groans anymore. although his position was a little unstable, he managed to reach me from behind to give my dick some stroking. he probably thought he needed to reciprocate the gratification, and that i needed it too at the moment. it felt a lot better now: twenty for the effort. he’d just proven his mastery: he’s really good at this beyond doubt.

my chuckle shifted into a shivering gasp when he was continually stroking me, rough palms but with the perfect pressure made my tool slither so flawlessly inside his grip. i think there was a mingling between a slight discomfort on my behind and the close-to-orgasm feeling this man was giving me. the rhythm of his hips seamlessly goes in euphony with his consistent rubbing. i could not believe that what his doing caused a lot of pleasure as much pain. with that i couldn’t keep my groans anymore. rough hands, hard dick, and sweaty body of a hot guy fucking me from behind were kind of an unusual but perfectly combined recipe working in ways that had never occurred to me.

after a while he carried me back to the bed again. he eased me up over onto the sheets, clearing the scattered pillows over. i saw his dick not getting any limper. he placed my legs over his shoulders to restrain me, and pinned me down with his palms over mine. i felt his swell yet again inside me. he was pounding harder than he ever did earlier. this is it. “oh god fuck me hard”, i pleaded to him like a servant begging for his lord. “you liked this, huh”, he said pushing some more. “you want this, i’m gonna finish you off”, he said again, gasping his breath. i was this time letting it all out: shaking, yelling, and cursing. and after one final shove together with a loud unrepressed groan, he collapsed onto me covered with sweat. i reached for his back and glided my hands over his dripping body, and gave him one final lick on his neck. then we settled after a while, tired. drenched.

he rolled off the bed and went to the toilet. i thought i heard a flick of a rubber and then the tap running. when he came back he was already bare, limp and lifeless. he gave me a weak smile, and i just marveled at his nakedness. he laid down on the center of the bed while i was on the side near the edge from our last position. he reached his arm telling me to come closer to him. we cuddled: with his overall appearance it was not obvious for a guy like him to do such. i haven’t really known him yet. somehow he’s full of surprises even at the verge of this dying encounter. so we talked. we talked about many other things, the type i cannot disclose. i admired him more, i felt his authenticity, as much as i felt sadness that maybe this one was just as fleeting as everything else. 
i knew it.
but for the remaining moments, i’d slept on his arms for the rest of the evening.
tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon.

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Miyerkules, Disyembre 23, 2015

EB series: part Three

rest of Part Two here. 
 “i will show you something”, he broke off as he reached down on the side table a small red foily package and tried biting off the wrapper. but before he could do it he finally said, “let’s do this”.

* * * *

he led me into this position where i was on my back, him on his knees with our groins at an almost perpendicular angle. he held both my ankles and spread my legs farther apart so he would be able to press himself in easily. i thought it was sexy. my excitement spiked to level eight. i only see this on pornhub and can’t really believe we’re actually doing it. “are you okay”, curious, he muttered again. “go ahead, fuck me”. it was all that i could answer. then he proceeded by gently getting in, trying to test the depths of the waters. slowly in just a matter of time he was all inside me and i could feel his warmth. he slowly moved his hips, back and forth, gently, and then would later gradually gain some pace. “ohh my great god..” i wasn’t able to contain the feeling. i bit my lips. i swallowed, even gulped.  it was so damn beautiful. he leaned closer against me, my feet onto his shoulders and his arms pinned to support himself on the bed. all this time his eyes fixed at mine. i was frantically letting out loud moans while he was gaining speed on his thrusts. he’s doing it the way i could never complain.

he has began to sweat out a little more, sweaty, like i would want for my man, he’s getting hotter and wilder the longer i looked at him; any one wouldn’t want to let him go any soon. i gripped at his strong arms, and felt the slippery friction between my palms and his skin. he’s getting deeper inside me and i would not want to make him stop. i mean, how could i..

and then  he suddenly stopped and rolled off the bed. he grabbed me and directed me to the furniture on the corner. he let me settle on it face down, easily, and ordered me to raise my hips just enough to catch the tip of his aiming dick. he tapped the area on my hips above my butt cleavage to try to ease me, though the gesture i liked, it was actually a hint that this one’s going to be a bit agonizing. “relax”, he ordered. and then: “shit, ahh.. fuck”, i yelled on the slight torture, it was indeed painful like i was about to split. he gently shoved himself inside me again until my hips came touching his thighs, and started plowing me on the back. i compelled him to be as gentle and was glad that he complied. he would reach down on me at every moment and plant kisses at the back of my neck, and bite my ear, like a sweet reassurance that it will be fine and that i would still enjoy whatever we were doing. “just tell me if you’re hurting..”, i admired the reverence even amidst an intercourse, checking if i could still hold on to it. “just go on, i’d say when this is getting too uncomfortable”. but really, i just want him to fuck me like he had wanted to. and i'd let him have that.

to be continued...

Sabado, Disyembre 19, 2015

a sweet pleasurable nothing

gusto ko lang kumanta nang kumanta. Christmas party namin: sa pagkakataong ito para maiba naman, sa beach. ang sarap, lalo na’t medyo naka-inom na't tumitigas na ang pagmumukha mo at hindi ka na nakakaramdam ng hiya. kasabay ng tugtog ng musika ay ang pagsayaw rin ng mga kasamahan ko. lahat nag-eenjoy, and ganda nilang tingnan, lahat masaya. mga ilang kanta rin bago ako tumigil, parang ang init na sa pakiramdam at gusto ko munang magpahangin kaya't lumabas ako ng cottage dala ang basong pangtoma  upang do'n muna ako malapit sa baybayin. kailangan kong huminga: ihinga lahat ng mga problema, mga bigat na nararamdaman, at mga bagay na bumabagabag s’aking isip nung panahon na yon kung meron man. gusto ko lang tumahimik sandali at mapag-isa.

tahimik ang dagat bagama't meron pa ring naliligo sa di kalayuan kahit madilim na. masaya rin sila gaya namin, naliligo at sumasabay sa takbo ng mga alon. ilang sandali rin me napansin akong lalakeng papalapit. isa siya sa mga naliligo pero tinatahak niya ang dereksyon ko. gusto niya rin siguro muna ng tahimik at medyo lumayo siya sa mga ka-tropa niya; wala rin kasing tao doon sa bandang andun ako. tiningnan ko lang siya sa di kalayuan. papalapit, at unti unti ko na siyang naaaninag sa liwanag galing sa cottage namin.

hindi pa rin ako bumitaw ng tingin hanggang sa nasa tapat na siya. medyo bumagal ang kanyang paggalaw sa tubig, nakatingin na rin. unti-unti ko na siyang naaninag unti-unti na ring bumibilis ang tibok ng aking puso. tumigil siya sa tapat ko, sadyang binabasa ng tubig ang katawang naka-ahon na mula bewang pataas, sumulyap sandali’t patuloy na gumalaw. nang medyo nakalagpas na siya sa tapat ko lumingon ulit ito, at gaya nga ng gusto kong magnyari, bumalik ito't paunti-unting nang umaahon na akala mo’y lalapitan na ako. medyo nakikita ko na ang kubuoan niya. "shit", napa-isip ako. semi-kal, maputi, medyo chinito. sa madaling salita: gwapo. maganda rin ang kanyang tindig. manhid  ang katawan pero naglilikot ang aking isip. bumibilis ang tibok ng puso. dadaan siya muli sa harap ko, ngunit sa pagkakataong ito, nang mas malapitan.

ngumiti siya ng kunti, ako naman, nakatitig lang. ang sarap pag medyo lasing. nawawala lahat ng hiya at takot sa pakiramdam. uminom ulit ako mula sa baso ng alak na dala-dala ko.

tumitig siya sa akin habang  naglalakad papalapit. ibang klase, parang nangingimbita. uminom ulit ako, ng marami na parang nilulunod ko na ang aking sarili. parang alam ko na ito. matapang, yan ang gusto ko. "ben…ben", biglang me sumigaw sa likod ko, "exit na tayo". "hanggang 10 lang sila, kelangan na nating mauna", ang kasama ko pala. bitbit na ang mga gamit ko. “anong oras na ba?”, inis kong tanong. "kala ko asan ka na, hinanap kita andyan ka lang pala". hindi na ako sumagot, lumingon na lang  ako ulit sa lalaki, nakalagpas na pala siya, bumalik na sa dagat  nakatingin pa rin na ulo lang ang nakalitaw sa tubig. “gusto ko pa sanang manatili”, mahina kong tugon sa kasama. “gusto mo bang maiwan at magligpit ng kalat? eh di walang problema”. oo nga pala, pinag-usapan na namin na dapat di kami ang mahuhuling umexit. kelangan ko na talagang umalis.

hindi ko alam kung ano ang aking mararamdaman sa panahong iyon. parang pinapapili ako sa dalawang tao kung saan ba ako mananatili: kung sakaling magpapa-iwan ako hindi rin sigurado kung meron bang mangyayari.. ang alam ko lang, isa ito sa mga sandaling bigla na lang dumadating nang hindi ko inaasahan. mapanuksong sandaling alam kong lilipas din. sadyang me mga pangyayari talaga na gusto man natin lagyan ng ending eh maiiwan na lang nang di talaga matatapos. marami ako niyan. at gaya ng lahat, kailangan nating magdesisyon at piliin muna kung ano ang mas malapit sa reyalidad, at hindi doon sa mga bagay na akala natin na meron, pero wala ring kasiguraduhan.

Martes, Disyembre 15, 2015

EB series: part Two

rest of Part One here.
i felt him with my hands. it wasn’t so stiff yet, but, as i kept rubbing, slowly working  on it that soon changed. his legs tightened.  i felt the stronger throb and pulsing as if saying he’s now ready to come out. and so i let it. i was stunned, my mouth watering.

* * * *

i was drenched, but my drive was just gaining the momentum. i looked up to him and saw him watching me should the next thing that i would do. his eyes desired me to continue with it smoothly, but his arms were quick to push my face closer to his angry member. i held it firm and let my fingers felt it’s growing might. i could smell his manliness, his sweltering flavor, and the smell was causing my hand to tighten its grip, and by instinct stroked it firmly. continually. “ahh..shit”, he could only let it escape from his mouth. i slapped his hardness to my cheeks repeatedly, like a porn star would do it on the video. “yes..”, he said again with a groan, looking intently at the exploit.

i took a few more seconds to truly appreciate his glory. with all the tension building up, it was time for me to let some get away. and so i wrapped him, inside my eager mouth: i couldn’t wait any longer either. there couldn’t be anything more delectable than having someone you really desired inside your mouth. it was full. so hard, so warm, so real. and i felt every inch of his skin, every movement, his every gasp, his shudder of excitement trying to break free that my frail mouth could only do him at that point. i can literally hear his exhilaration. and it was getting louder, and louder. i was like being so hungry but the deeper i took him inside the more i get the craving.

i looked up to see his face again, and his expression was almost enough to trigger an orgasm without us doing yet the full deed. i gave him a grin, and he was just there lying bare and open true to his expression of experiencing the pleasure. while i was also enjoying that mind-blowing moment the back of my sane mind have also thought about true intentions after this night expires. would there be still a me and him again at a more exclusive, closely connected sense? will this progress into a more profound sense of togetherness?

yet again, before i could think any further of the future, he grabbed me by the arm and directed me to come up to him. he kissed me once again. this time more eager, and rigid. more tongue.

“i will show you something”, he broke off as he reached down on the side table a small red foily package and tried biting off the wrapper. but before he could do it he finally said, “let’s do this”.

to be continued...

Sabado, Disyembre 12, 2015

EB series: part One

we can write about anything: an hour’s expanse could already fill several empty pages of our writing sheets. truly, you can write about life’s most graphic detail, whether you or with another person as the main subject, or both, it is your own story after all. so this one is mine, though it took me a while to write this, this is one sweet experience and something that i have been wanting to share:

it wasn’t one of those usual evenings where i get to meet on a date several friends and some few familiar people to me. this one's special: i am going to see yet again, someone i met online. finally, yes. 
it started with his message. short. straight to the point. the conversation didn’t start out with what the usual PR intros would have been. he was quite good at capturing my attention i can say. ensnared instantly with his firm politeness and his street smartness amazed me because i've never met anyone as cunning as he was. he has known a lot from his experiences obviously. out of nowhere, he told me he's a pure top, and yes, that he can fuck me hard. so out of sheer intrigue i politely asked if he could just show some photos to sew the curiosity: average, he's just an average-looking rugged-type guy around. his little goatee and eyes that kind of stared back a firm gaze matched with a flaring smirk was beguiling though so i instantly liked him. at first i got an impression that he's the type one could get scared of. someone you can’t trust being around or close as he might do something daunting.

then we ultimately agreed on an eye ball on that evening right away the day we chatted. we met at this waiting area at a university, he from his workout and i from the house. he didn’t smile when we saw which kind of, puts me off at that moment. he's a bit different in person: he's taller and larger. and meaner. i tried to loosen myself up from the surge of adrenaline running through me, not with excitement but with intimidation. i am not the trusting type by the way for all you know. trying to calm down little by little by initiating small talks to this mysterious guy i just agreed to meet. he was all quiet and calm. he engages in small talks whenever i get to ask him some frequent and familiar questions i had already ask during our chat. just for cross-checking. that was the initial awkward scenario. i still am a little scared at that time. at some point we decided to go to a nearby bar. we were trying to relieve ourselves from the first meet-up tension and we needed a little booze to loosen up. he started talking when we had our first few bottles of beer. he was still calm and steady, and straight to the point. he had laid some of his experiences right away on the table and spoke about his gratefulness of how he narrowly escaped perils through his cunningness from the stupid things he did in the past. after a few moments, he then furtively came near me and whispered he wanted to get stupid again for tonight. this guy's got some plans, and i liked it. the cold on my toes rapidly crept up to my knees with excitement. i was enjoying the night when he made the initiative signaling he wanted to go some place where only the two of us could share. i knew that was coming but his taking lead amazes me. what more could i ask from him?

so we ended up in this motel. he came in like he was already too familiar with the place. i locked the door behind me, anxious, and if some of the lights weren’t dimmed i was probably visibly shaking. i heard the steel doors outside dropped down. this is it. i suddenly got reminded of that haunting mem’ry i had with someone in that same motel two years ago. the tv was playing at full blast but i could only mind little the moaning & the porn showing on it at that time.

“come” he muttered finally looking straight into my eyes. i obliged and stepped closer at him at the corner of the bed. he started undressing himself: lifting his shirt over his head. one by one his garments fell on the floor, and i was there seemingly held up on his revealing. he seemed exceptionally good at this. and my heart was frantically jumping out of my trunk.

“you okay?..” he smirked as i seemed dazed and immobilized. he gently took my hand and rub it on his crotch, and slid it up on to his chest. soon enough i was learning. and my curiosity to explore led me to try to discover him more my way. he gave me this familiar grin, an expression that he’s taking delight of what i was doing. he held my waist and pulled me closer to his face to kiss me. he knew that it was what i really wanted. and so he did. softly at first. and then he opened his mouth, and i willingly received him. “oh, god” i pulled off a little just to say those words, but he held me tighter. it was my first real kiss.

he made a tentative move with his hands holding the bottom of my shirt as i watched him attentively, waiting for my permission. he proceeded carefully eyes still locked on mine as he began taking off my covers one by one. seeing me bare he then held me on the chin to carefully guide my face up close enough to him, and we kissed again. he held that kiss, and for the first time it felt like someone has finally made me feel like am as delicate as a woman.

my breath was racing, my palms glided on to his shoulders and big arms. i gripped on his back and slid my hands down to his spine, and then went busying down to grab his ass. it was something he could not object. how he could: i think he was enjoying the moment as much as i was. it felt like there was a lot more to do, as i was about to put my hands inside his underwear and feel his behind he grabbed and turned me around as he was to throw ourselves on to the bed. we crashed with him on top and his manly shadow covered me from the dim lighting, his size and power took over. he finally began licking my neck down to my chest. that was the sweetest sensation i have ever felt in two years. and he was just starting.

he broke off suddenly and laid on his back towards the headboard. he motioned to me as if saying “i know this is your fantasy. now, you can do whatever you want”. i crawled up to him and proceeded immediately by fondling the bulge on his crotch using my tongue. i have long been wanting to do that. i felt a slight motion inside. a revolt. a pulsing. god, i can do this forever. i cut the excitement overload off for the mean time and let my tongue travel up to his bellybutton. i licked it all around. even explored the inside of his navel. i felt the slight pulling of my hair as his grasp  was getting tighter. the wispy hairs around that area below his tummy was igniting a flame of lust inside me. i was always curious about this part of a man, but now my tongue is brushing on it across its bare skin. wet. and he was steamy. his masculinity was defined more with his bronze skin contoured perfectly by the faint lighting, gradually heaping up the sexy mood within the room.

he was manly smooth. i ran my tongue up to his suckable nipples and lingered there for a while switching between the two. “shit…”, him with his slight groan. and that was enough for a motivation. i let my face slid cross his firm chest, inhaling him, then back down, down to his abdomen area where i could never get enough. he widened his legs and gently pushed a bit of my head down as a motion for me to continue where i first started.

i felt him with my hands. it wasn’t so stiff yet, but, as i kept rubbing, slowly working  on it that soon changed. his legs tightened.  i felt the stronger throb and pulsing as if saying he’s now ready to come out. and so i let it. i was stunned, my mouth watering.

 to be continued..