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as early as yesterday, Apple has announced this year’s upcoming “what’s hot!” among their products’ latest innovations, one of them of course is the sneak peek of the iPhone 7, which is expected to be  launched formally on September. well hopefully!
i heard that they have come up with solutions as to how they made it super sliver slim as the upcoming iPhone model will be their thinnest so far, like removing the usual headphone jack and having wireless ear buds instead. wireless charging was also introduced. isn’t it? though these things are yet to be confirmed people are getting excited with anticipation. prior, some of those crazy minds out there have come up with their own crazy and laugh-worthy versions of how will the new phone would be like. here are some:
Shape. Apple has been consistently modest with their recent iphone models without compromising elegance. but can they go out of the way and display their outlandishness instead, i mean, their technology is already eccentric enough to make people go crazy on their products do they?
Size. the phone’s dimensions is also the key, but we’ll know until its formal launching. or at least the sneak peeks would help a lot to get the right information. still, we are yet to find out. And it is going to be a big surprise. literally, i hope not.

Concept and Character. Apple is radical and we all know that. they‘ve been introducing new concepts and super cool software features in the market right?. so how cool will the new phone be compared to its predecessors? like, this cool?

and the Character, fans are getting more curious as to how distinctive would it be given the iPhone’s worldwide reputation. but they can always come up with whatever, you know what i mean. but what about those iPhone strugglers out there, will they be given the chance to get their hands on one of these devices too? well, duh…

Nah. we’ll just gonna wait then, after all end of the year is fast coming isn’t it? 

this is the real sneak peek of the beautiful iPhone 7

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Huwebes, Enero 14, 2016

me in the eyes of my friend, jaeLaw

First and foremost I would like to say huge SOOOORRYYYY to Bender for not just days but years of being late in submitting this entry. Hehehe. Well as what they say "Better late than never". So here I am writing this essay for you ging. Hahahaha. It goes something like this. 

Best to describe BaklangStripes as an artistic, intelligent, quiet, reserved, vain, perfectionist (i've lived with virgo people so i know) and a big fat INTROVERT!!!! just like me (just the big fat Introvert part). Maybe that's the reason why I can relate and understand him on any level of being an Introvert. I've known him in college through our common friend Julia and also we became classmates in one of my failed subject :-( I got to know him better during one of the toughest moments of our life—thesis time—and I told myself that he will become one of my Friends for Life. After all the hardships we've been through college, finally we made it to the Real World. Learn, work, booze and sleep was the life of an Apprentice. Memories in that part of my life never fails to put a smile on my face whenever I think about it, I hope Ben does too. 

Real World. Real Life. Real Job. Reality bites. We got on with our lives. Never got to talk to him during the time I started working abroad.

The time he admitted to me that he’s GAY, I wasn't surprised. I'm a very observant person and the thing was that, I didn’t want to confront him about a topic that was very sensitive and personal to him. I respect people’s rights and privacy. I wanted him to tell me when he was ready and on the right time. My only regret was that, why didn't he told me earlier. Bakla!!!! We could have loads of fun talking and enjoying Boooyzzz.

Well fast forward to today, I'm so happy for what he have accomplished so far and that he finally found his real nature and so he can now express his true self even though only a few of us know. One step at a time. Baby steps.

As I was reading his essays on his blog, I thought to myself that it is a good idea writing your thoughts and adventures in life just like a journal. So, he inspired me to hopefully make my own blog in the future.  Not as bongga as his but at least i will be writing my own adventures in life.

So, a big 'Thank You' from Me to You. XOXO


nahiya ako, galing Hollywould ‘yan ginising ko pa. Lol
hungtagaallll nga bakla, kala ko nga biography ko na sinulat mo eh. bongga sana yon, ilang buwan din akong makapagpahinga sa pagbablogelya! at talagang nahiya ako sa pagiging Introvert mo pa sa lagay na yan ha. Lol

well, thank you girl. on a serious note i did hope i could have told you what i am some point earlier, you’re one of the few people dearest to me so maybe that would be one of my regrets if i may had. if i may have inspired you to have your own blog then i’m very happy & excited. it’s always good to have a journal. *wink! *wink!

me secret akong sasabihin: naging crush ko ‘yong kapatid mong gwapo the time we were working for our thesis sa house niyo. matagal-tagal din bago ako nakaget-over sa kanya, i bet di mo nahalata yon kasi magaling akong magtago at behaved na behaved ako whenever he’s there! at me isa ka pang pinsan na gwapo rin, pero a few times ko lang xang nakita.. *sighs*

masaya ako na we’re getting back in touch, at least now, medyo malapit na ang mga mundo natin. ba’t naman kasi kelangang sa abroad pa maglandi magtrabaho gurl?mas malalaki ba talaga dyan? ang sahod? hmmm… but you don’t have any idea how much i miss our tropa.

PS. Bakla, nabasa mo naba ang entry ko about Rebo? wink! *blush*

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Biyernes, Enero 08, 2016

time flies, It's 2016!

my wish is that everyone
could still make a wish,
that nobody will get deprived
of that simple yet priceless gift
where one can dream for his dreams,
and that evey wish may
unfold to each and every one
day to day.

cheers. time flies, it's 2016! 

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