Lunes, Hulyo 04, 2016

pure shores

it held so much significance specially on that very moment. i remember how important it seemed at that time. but this year.

within February to May, it’s my time of the year to sail away. October to fly.

something about big waves, nice beaches, and a plentiful sun (if the summer heat is yet not enough!), pristine waters, and yes, good food of course. Siargao! i’ve been contemplating about this place since. the island’s inviting photos are scattered all over the internet. 2014 we’ve been to Surigao-it was enchantingly mysterious-but i have yet in Siargao island. the photos really made an impression, an appeal that has never left my mind.

things catch up on me, i got busy, and pretty soon i couldn’t conjure up to what will come in my ‘priorities’ list first and this has been an important goal in my life.

so it began with an 8-hour trip to Surigao City. land trips have never been so comfortable ever since. you see, you have to hold on with pee ballooning up inside your bladder and waiting for the next city where you can piss it all down. right at the time for lunch we arrived. we tinkered around the city and nearby after our meal before we went checking-in our hotel. tomorrow’s call time is 4am so we got to be early at the wharf where our boat to Surigao del Norte will be waiting. it is where we are going to be lodging.

before the sun could reach right above our heads we came to the resort at brunch quite past an hour trip. but we never got bored along the way because there’s so much sights to see—glistening distant seas, islets, the clear sky above greeted us all. the mist from last night’s still visible swathing above the distant islands. you hear the sound of the ocean without holding a huge shell to your ear.

seafood! yes, a whole lot at brunch. meanwhile, the location of the resort is quite impressive, secluded in a crescent of island mountains, making the entrance as well as the exit quite dramatic. serene, and enchanting. ah, that familiar scent of tranquility.
the day is packed ahead. we could only flow along with the structure of our itinerary. for instance, we paddled our way underneath stalactite cove to reach to another secluded beach. or swam with a bunch of harmless jellyfish. or climb 300 steps to reach a magnificent lake above the island. jumping from the gulch to the sea perhaps? destination to another. we cannot sort every bit of the activities we did. but pretty soon, we found ourselves comforting on our hotel beds to recharge for yet again another day’s set of destinations. our spirits still up and eager but our bodies aching.

i walked along this powdery white sand beach. wild rush of wind brushing through the long stretch of shore  whispering mumbles past our ears. but only the wind and my drifting thoughts are talking. there was never a word, only that sense of contemplative quietness, the awareness that you feel close yet miles apart. it was at that moment. if only he’s with me at the very moment.

on my contemplations, the notion that this was then again another deception that’s trying to lure me to put off my guards and drift away with this transitory feeling, this familiar warmth creeping through my thoughts, like, that handsome tour guide who made me dove and held my arm tight to drag me underneath that cove to reach that bio-luminescent sea underneath it. he who assured me that it will be okay because i was panicking. or that cute young boy assisting the captain of the bangka, whom i always caught staring at me shyly.

there will always be pocket memories. through every wave that we streamed on the far off sea, we always drew a line across upon reaching the shore with our footsteps. these memories will linger in my head for some time. those spectacular places we’ve been to. the activities that scared me. and them people. yet all these things, like any others, they’re all fading. all becoming forgettable as we near to close this getaway. a few months from now i may only care with what remains, but the feeling of being here with them will long stay.

nevertheless, i’ll swim, or  walk on the warm sand where no sad news reaches. hearing upon the cacophony of the swarming sea gulls hinted this day brings new realizations. hopes that windows the side where my life once run to no direction. my feet aching but the sky in my both hands. i wanted to touch them. i wanted to remain adrift.

the ridges and wavy folds that the wind has carved on the face of the shore reminded me of my winding journey every time i travel—long and uncertain, but comes as naturally beautiful. as loneliness into solitude; peace to joy; fear into happiness, doubts to learning experiences, as every smile fades, fortune brings something new to give us another reason to smile again.

i realized that paradise is just a crafted perception. and that however good it is we cannot ever cling unto it  for so long because the reality is that we can never do. so we need to revert back to the level ground where the grass is dry and instead of sand, there is dust and mud. this is again another familiar scent. the smell of a closing getaway and resigning again to reality. home is waiting. and after all, somehow, i’m excited.

                               si poging moreno 
                               the husband store

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  1. Oh my god. You didn't tell me you're at Surigao. I'm at Surigao too. :) Sayang. We could have met. - Follower here. (davaokiddo)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Oh, talaga? Wow. We were. Last May 13-15. Im sure DK marami ka ding na spot na cute na tour guides don, at mga locals, haha, aside from the beautiful scenes of kors..hihihi (giggles like a malanding baklang pa-virgin)_(--,