Martes, Mayo 24, 2016


a familiar face appeared at my door one day. i already have forgotten his name but i remember him well. guess i already have expelled that possibility wherein one day our roads once again cross and destiny will give us a happy ending. yet here he is now, smiling at me at my front door.

“kahinumdom pa ka sa ako ‘ya? (kuya, naaalala mo pa ba ako?)”

i was caught off-guard and was held at the surprise. a lot has happened i have already given up my hopes on him after several weeks of moping.

“di ba ikaw man to ang pag-umangkon ni Tita Darnia? (ikaw 'yong pamangkin ni Tita Darnia di ba?)”

“apo ko niya ‘ya.” (apo po niya ako), he politely accurated.
“musta na man ka ‘ya? (kumusta na ho kayo?)”.

i feigned to didn’t hear his question and tended on the other boy that was buying on the tindahan, but  i cannot help but throw glances at him. he has grown to be a fine young man. mas naging cute siya lalo.*sighs* his smile stuck on my head like an LSS involuntarily kept flashing over & over at the moment. i felt like if i’m going to talk to him, i will surely stutter. i surely had a crush on this boy before. but seeing him now reinforced the fact that i wasn’t wrong.

i felt deeply sad that time he went back to their province, that was roughly three years ago. he was the only boy at the village i could remember who dared come near me and initiated a conversation. he was as brave and confident, i guess that’s all it took. and i gave him all the credit for it. you would know he has substance when, at his young age, he has experienced a lot already and he never hesitated to lay those stuffs on the table.

going back, truth is that, when he asked me how i was , i didn’t really know what to tell him at that time. i have a lot to say but was disorganized as to be too excited, or to remain calm, or just as behappy that he's finally here. he was sitting on the bench near the door when i invited him inside. at every fraction of a moment when he was talking, i stared at him to make sure i’d remember as much detail of his face, his smile, his gaze, his mannerisms, every curves & crease when he smiles, because i needed to be aware that this day is not like every day. one day he’ll be here, and tomorrow he’ll be gone again.

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