Martes, Abril 18, 2017

my unremitting companion

i fell to the center of my bed. i was soaked. and flowing through a thought i noticed a dream. your radiance shone in the darkness breathing hopes a new hope. now i live through you and you through me. it was a pleasant exchange, enthralling—the verdant lands holler, the mountains yell, skies shifting, rivers flow on, the days whisper and their bellows undulate far to the fields. i run to you  and i, mulled over again things i can remember. i pray in my heart that this dream never ends. i see me through your eyes seeing me. though the greatest heights i have flown in my life, your smile is the daylight, a gush of bliss towards utopia;  the ray to a mystic and winding uncertainty.. so i live with the aspiration of your love.  you taught me how to see all that's beautiful. my senses feel your every word i never had pictured. now the world i live in respires.. and now i breathe.

i was pulled through the resonance of my childhood where we're once Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, when i had wings so we could fly on our own to see aurora trailing a colorful veil above the maturing world. gliding through the affluence of the good times of my youth our laughter mingled with the olden days, happy stories as the days paced into nights and faded away. the riches that we amassed inside my toy box were nothing but those dreams, the love, and my childhood merriment, and dust settling around my ageing  memory. we break away to perpetuity mirthfully singing songs that rhyme. we bathed raw in the sun, and ponder on the rooftop under that moon. and i thought they were just there hidden in the flimsy smoke of opulence and doesn't wash away even when it rains..

then there’s the rain. and i am not alone in my love of tranquility—even during times fated to be shared along with others. but be that those seasons hold the yesterdays’ far-flung beliefs that i can only stare at the looking glass too clear but i cannot hold.  even on the hours when i shut my eyes my soul is listening to your whisper. who would ever believe your promises have gone far enough? that i can see stars in the broad daylight? that i can open my eyes and find my way through the dark? from above were the sun inundates, people on their ways i see. they live through their lives that stream at a single way, they are all together, but on their own. and they don't run to you. up here everything seems surreal—a dream.

your unending love carried me through as the rain fell endlessly from the gray heaping kettle, thunder bolting, and the roar of its might shudder through the mountains to the villages across the breathing pavements. it rained and on it did further.

then there’s the happy glorious days gently unfolding one-by-one, the entirety of the kind of life that i made, or even the life that i intended to build. then there’s the counting and passing of the days when the moon hums the tone of my life, glowing, waning, and wearing out..

then there’s this acquainted song that i must sing—the drought—when i pile the empty bowls high for the coming of lack. parched mouth can’t scribe every word and my soul thrived in famine. can’t even lift myself up where i lay. my body slight but felt heavy. i cried out to my lungs as we count the days but can’t get any louder that anyone would hear. but we sang nonetheless—i and you. we sang through the thirsty days. we sang under when nights were coldest and the days parching. we sang with our stomachs empty. we sang so i won’t faint under the day..

then after my ruminations i was close enough to finding again my way into your love lifting me. i was starved but you did not allow me to deplete. then i found myself waking up again to the sound of the rain. it was an odd sunny and rainy day and i was far afield.  its sprinkle revitalized me and the famished lands around, the cracking pavements of this old city, thriving forests and mountains that tried reaching the clouds. i am soaked but am sheltered under a great love. rain came returning, pouring in the long haul of the day. and behind all these i was reminded of the dreams you gave that made mine.

now we’re nearing at the point for love to fix us together, fantasies that brought us closer. i’m still stumbling through my path but know i will get there because you held, even so, hold me still and makes me want to give my tight embraces to you.. i’d fallen if it weren't for your keeping. in an eternal day we will have some wine, i will sing my songs to you.

i rose up, and immersed freely into the rain and plunged down into the depth of my notions. into the immense zenith i fell to the center of my bed. i was soaked. and then flowing through a thought i noticed a dream.

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                            that once
                            rain would always make me ponder

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