Miyerkules, Marso 14, 2018

there is silence

what about a tone without silence,
would that be strange?
must our spirits quiver; i would surmise
silence is
the immense space containing infinitude,
making the darkest darkness, & heaven bliss!
we have a little sense of what's happening,
and can never fathom it all by believing
we know enough to be certain about anything.

so just hum into your core some peace
so you'll clearly hear your voice. your verses
might be something you've been 
dying to hear..
may that the resonance bear certainty
..when there is confusion.
..when all is too perfect,
..and mind's illusory appears to be real.

and so i say: find your calm


the blow of sultry summer drifting; 
the whisper of God's existence.

the rustle of the leaves;
the rain.

the night's transition to day;
the endless possibilities of hoping.

the understanding that life itself
cannot alter circumstances.

the wisdom of a troubled past;
the kind words of a human soul..

when senses sweep the breadth of perpetuity,
all these we get to ponder when
there is silence. 

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